About the ComfyComfy family



We are a family business that has grown from one woman's hand-sewn gifts to a small company employing 10 people. Our goal is to bring you pillows that are made from high quality, hand selected materials, that are sourced as locally as possible. 







Meet Maggie


Maggie is originally from Brunei, where she grew up using buckwheat pillows and learned how to sew. She had since used her sewing skills to recreate the pillows of her childhood. Maggie's family has been using her handmade pillows for many years. Over time, she gave hand-sewn pillows as gifts to friends and yoga students. They were so well received she was encouraged to sell them.




Maggie founded ComfyComfy in 2011 as the sole seamstress. As the business grew she enlisted the help of other craftspeople. Comfycomfy now supports a Mennonite family in rural New York state who sew the buckwheat pillows. Pillows are filled with buckwheat by Gail and Jeff. Custom pillowcases are sewn by Mathilde, who learned to sew as a girl in her native Germany. Maggie still sews all of the flaxseed pillows herself. Her husband, Art, fills them. ComfyComfy's online presence is managed by Maggie's children.